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Photo Flash: First Look at Trumbull High School's RENT; Al Larson Attends! High Res Photos

Director Jessica Spillane and Stage Manager Larissa Mark with Al Larson

Angel (Matt Buckwald) and Tom Collins (Michael Lepore) during Angel's death

Angel and Collins the first time they meet

The support group with Angel (Matt Buckwald), Collins (Michael Lepore), Mark (Michael Ell), Paul (Dyland Shepard), Sue (Emily Fox), Ali (Robin Wycoff), Pam (Kaelyn Mostafa), Steve (Nick Grew)

Mark (Michael Ell) in La Vie Boheme

Mark (Michael Ell), Mimi (Ava Gallo) and Benny (Dan Satter) in Goodbye Love

Mimi (Ava Gallo) and Roger (Zac Gottschall) in Light My Candle

Mimi (Ava Gallo), Angel (Matt Buckwald), Maureen (Emily Ruchalski) and Joanne (Casey Walsh) during New Years

Mimi (Ava Gallo) during Out Tonight

Will Sun and Sydney Sheehan singing Christmas Bells

Mimi's Mother (Sara Buzel), Roger's Mother (Kaelyn Mostafa), Joanne's father (Sam McKinney) and Mark's mother (Jacquelyn Sheehan) singing voicemail #6

Three cops: Michael Lebreque, Nick Grew and Hailey Pekera

RENT Finale

Roger (Zac Gottschall) in One Song, Glory

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love

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