High Res Photos

Photo Coverage: Inside Project Shaw's THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE High Res Photos

David Staller (Producer, Editor and Director)

David Staller and Jeremy Robb

Richard Easton

David Staller and Richard Easton

Jeremy Robb and Marc Kudisch

Warren Kelley

Rob Weinert-Kendt (American Theatre Magazine and tonight's guest host)

Jeremy Robb

Marc Kudisch

Victoria Haynes

Janie Brookshire

Joy Franz and David Staller

James Pendergast

William McCauley

Ted Schneider

Ben Rauch

Sidney J. Burgoyne

Welcome to the show

David Staller

Rob Weinert-Kendt

Frank Skillern, Richard Terrano and

Richard Weinberg (Gingold Theatrical Group Chairman), Ethan Litwin (Board Member), Lisa Litwin

Frank Skillern

Anita Jaffe ((Associate Producer), Florence Teuscher (Associate Producer) and Liliane Montevecchi

Anita Jaffe, Florence Teuscher, Liliane Montevecchi, Frank Skillern and Robert Osborne

Richard Weinberg, Robert Osborne, Anita Jaffe, Florence Teuscher and Liliane Montevecchi

Richard Weinberg and David Staller

Flora Culture Owner and Designer-Robb Moss with Paul Lee

Paul Burgoyne and Sidney J. Burgoyne

Paul Burgoyne, Sidney J. Burgoyne and Jack W. Batman

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