Photo Coverage: Backstage at the First Night Nashville Theatre Honors High Res Photos

With a cast of 125 performers, a seven-member band, the show's running crew and a smattering of other people holding forth, the backstage scene at last Sunday night's First Night Nashville Theatre Honors was a virtual stage show in itself with all the hustle and bustle amid the hushed tones associated with the backstage area of a huge theatrical production.

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The cast of Rent backstage at First Night, prior to the show's opening number. Pictured are Benjamin Van Diepen, Karrah Tines, Laura Thomas-Sonn, Laura Matula, Christina Candilora, Jay Rudolph, Ciaran McCarthy, Mike Baum, Jeffrey Williams, Alan Smith, Valerie Navarre, Michael Holder, Heather Trabucco and Ryan Leyhue

First Night's all-star chorus rehearses the show's finale - "Sunday" - backstage prior to the show's curtain.

Alan Smith, Tyson Laemmel, Darin Richardson and Joshua Waldrep

Corbin and Neely Green, director and producer of both Nine and Rent

Cori Laemmel and Kate Adams-Johnson

ASMs Eric Ventress and Lila Tuck

Jamey Green of Boiler Room Theatre

Jane Kelley Watt and Tyson Laemmel

First Night founder/executive producer Jeffrey Ellis

Red Carpet hostess Jennifer Richmond

9 to 5 star Joe Mahowald and Jane Kelley Watt

Nine stars Kay Ayers and Corrie Miller

First Night announcer Kim Leslie

First Night honoree Paul Gatrell (center), with Luke Hatmaker, Zack McCann, Ben Stonick and Kyla Lowder, Belmont University students who were among the 2010 Most Promising Actors.

Music director Jane Kelley Watt and some of her musicians.

Taylor, Corbin and Jamey Green

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