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Photo Flash: First Look at Mitchell Jarvis, Erin Driscoll, Natascia Diaz and More in Signature Theatre's THE THREEPENNY OPERA High Res Photos

Jenny (Natascia Diaz) sings 'The Flick Knife Song'

Mr. Peachum (Bobby Smith) discusses the complications in 'arousing human pity'

Mrs. Peachum (Donna Migliaccio) and Mr. Peachum (Bobby Smith) lament about 'Kids Today'

Reverend Kimball (Thomas Adrian Simpson, center) oversees the marriage of Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) and Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis)

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) sings 'Pirate Jenny'

Tiger Brown (John Leslie Wolfe) confronts Crook-Finger Jake (Sean Fri)

Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis, left) holds court on his wedding day (from left clockwise: Erin Driscoll, Sean Fri, Thomas Adrian Simpson, Paul Scanlan, John Leslie Wolfe, Ryan Sellers, and Rick Hammerly).

Tiger Brown (John Leslie Wolfe) and Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) relive their military days in 'The Cannon Song'

Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis, center) introduces Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) to Tiger Brown (John Leslie Wolfe)

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) and Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) sing 'Love Duet'

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) sings 'Barbara�s Song'

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) sings 'Barbara�s Song'

Mrs. Peachum (Donna Migliaccio) and Mr. Peachum (Bobby Smith) plot the execution of Macheath.

Mrs. Peachum (Donna Migliaccio), Mr. Peachum (Bobby Smith) and Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) sing 'Life�s A Bitch'

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) warns Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) of her father�s plot to have him executed.

Mrs. Peachum (Donna Migliaccio) sings 'The Ballad of Sexual Imperative'

Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis, center) has a laugh with Crook-Finger Jake (Sean Fri), Betty (Jamie Eacker), and Nelly (Jessica Thorne).

Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) sings 'A Pimp�s Tango'

Jenny (Natascia Diaz) and Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) dance in 'A Pimp�s Tango'

Jenny (Natascia Diaz) sings 'A Pimp�s Tango'

Smith (Thomas Adrian Simpson, center) hauls Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) off to jail as Mrs. Peachum (Donna Migliaccio, left) and Jenny (Natascia Diaz, right) look on.

Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) sings 'The Ballad of Easy Life'

Lucy Brown (Rick Hammerly) and Macheath (Mitchell Jarvis) embrace

Polly Peachum (Erin Driscoll) and Lucy Brown (Rick Hammerly) vie for the love of Macheath

Lucy Brown (Rick Hammerly) stands her ground


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