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BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Every Cast Has One Bad Apple High Res Photos

She's always hogging the bathroom. Robb Sapp was waiting for like 15 minutes...

When Seth Rudetsky tried to talk to her about it, she got violent and tried to drown him.

She's one of those girls who just needs ALL of the male attention, and if she doesn't get it, she gets a little too hands-y, especially with Matt Farcher.

She's in the throws of an intense showmance with Paul Castree. The PDA...I can't. I barf.

She can't stand sharing the stage with a child and tortures Jonah Verdon constantly.

She insisted Jennifer Simard try her "signature facial" and gave her some crazy beauty tip..

Our stage manager, Jeff Davolt, tried to take a selfie with Lanolin. She was having none of it!

She refuses to take notes from our associate choreographer, Drew Geraci.

She hid under the counter and tripped me when I was crossing backstage!

We've tried to warn our newest cast member, Stacey Oristano, about Lanolin's shady ways. Poor Stacey...She'll learn...

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