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Photo Flash: Mara Davi, Taylor Frey and More Teach PS 221 Students in Brooklyn High Res Photos

Voice class (Aaron Jodoin on piano, Michael Deleget also pictured)

Aaron Jodoin on piano and students

Leslie Diamond leads vocal warm-ups

Jenny Neale & the PS 221 students singing from their diaphragm

Mara Davi tells a student how much she loves acting

Whit Baldwin, Chris Rustin & Amy Halldin play an acting game with the students

Chris Rustin directs a family portrait (Laurie Hymes & Ryan Nicolls pictured) making a tableau pic

Laurie Hymes & Amy Halldin do an acting exercise with PS 221

Aaron Gaines leads a group acting exercise with the students (also pictured: Amy Halldin, Chris Rustin & Mara Davi)

5th graders learn Laban movement with Amy Halldin

Learning Laban movement (Ryan Nicolls, Whit Baldwin, Laurie Hymes, Amy Halldin, Chris Rustin & Mara Davi pictured)

Taylor Frey teaching Hairspray. This move quickly became the students favorite.

Students learning the choreography

Students loved this part..."the Beyonce move"

Erin West teaching by example

Brittney Griffin teaches PS 221 how to do the twist

Lauren Fijol & Erin West teach choreography to "You Can't Stop the Beat"

Mara Davi, Amy Halldin, Ryan Nicolls, Aaron Gaines & Whit Baldwin do character work with students

Event Producer, Julie Boardman, with PS 221 students

Some of the PS 221 jumped in the group photo! (bottom row left to right: Julie Boardman, Mara Davi, Erin West / 2nd row: Lauren Fijol, Dan Brown / 3rd row: Amy Halldin, Aaron Jodoin, Leslie Diamond, Jenny Neal, Jenna Fernandez, Laurie Hymes, Jennifer Bigler, Ryan Nicolls, Marnie Buckner / 4th row: Whit Baldwin / 5th row: Michael Deleget, Taylor Frey, Jerese Twitty, Chris Rustin, Brittney Griffin & Aaron Gaines)

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