Photo Flash: First Look at Dangerous Ground's L'AMOUR FOU at The Brick High Res Photos

The Brick welcomes its first-ever Resident Artist for 2013: Dangerous Ground. The company presents '3' by Jacques Rivette, in a year-long, 3-play exploration, beginning with 'L'Amour Fou', written by Jacques Rivette and Marilu Parolini, and conceived, designed and directed by Doris Mirescu. L'AMOUR FOU is a multimedia art-installation/performance event based on Jacques Rivette's 1969 film, L'Amour Fou. Get a first look at the production in the photos below!

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Craig Newman, Bree Merkwan, William Paul Smith

Sarah Baskin, Susannah Hoffman

Mickey Solis

Gayle Greene, Sarah Baskin, Bree Merkwan, William Paul Smith, David Skeist, Doron Bloomfield, Mickey Solis, Susannah Hoffman

William Paul Smith

Craig Newman, Sarah Baskin, David Skeist, Brooke Bell, Marshall Miller, Susannah Hoffman

Susannah Hoffman, Mickey Solis

Susannah Hoffman, Doron Bloomfield


David Skeist, Sarah Baskin

Kira Davies, Mickey Solis, Brooke Bell

William Paul Smith, David Skeist

Mickey Solis, Susannah Hoffman


Mickey Solis, Doron Bloomfield

Susannah Hoffman

Brooke Bell, Bree Merkwan, Penny Folger, Craig Newman, Mickey Solis, William Paul Smith, Gayle Greene, David Skeist

Marshall Miller, Sarah Baskin, William Paul Smith, Penny Folger, Gabriel Stranahan, Mickey Solis

Sarah Baskin, Brooke Bell, Craig Newman

Susannah Hoffman

Brooke Bell, Mickey Solis, Craig Newman

William Paul Smith

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