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Photo Flash: Jessica Grove and More in Rehearsals for Choral Chameleon and NY Theatre Barn's TAMAR OF THE RIVER High Res Photos

Josh Kelley (Assistant Director), Jessica Grove ("Tamar"), Joe Barros (Director/Choreographer), Michael Megliola (Lighting Designer), and Mackenzie Meeks (Stage Manager) discuss design logistics. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Director Joe Barros collaborates with Jessica Grove ("Tamar") on a scene from Tamar of the River Oratorio Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Joseph Bellino (with puppet head of "Judah") and the cast in rehearsal. Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Jessica Grove ("Tamar") Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

The cast illuminates Jessica Grove in a scene from the show. Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Joe Barros and the cast explore Michael Megliola's actor-manipulated lighting concept. Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Mi Na Shin, Jessica Grove, Kelly Baxter Golding, Joe Barros explore a light look at St. Paul's Church in Carroll Gardens. Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Michael Gullo ("Onan") and the cast of Tamar of the River Oratorio. Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Jessica Grove discusses the intricate role of Tamar with Joe Barros (R) and Josh Kelley (L) Photo credit: Michael Bonasio.

Cameron Bernard Jones (Papa) Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Erika Lloyd (River Angel) Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Josh Kelley (Assistant Director) watches as Joe Barros (Director/Choreographer) and Vince Peterson (Music Director) discuss a song moment with intricate rhythms. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Kelly Baxter Golding rehearses choreography from "The Traveling Sequence" Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Clare Maloney with one of the actor-manipulated lighting instruments. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Julie Walters, Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

Erika Lloyd, Photo credit: Elizabeth Ostler.

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