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Photo Flash: First Look at Zephyr Theatre's THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL High Res Photos

Bart Tancredi as Vito, Veronica Hart as the ticket taker and Herschel Savage as Gerry Damiano discuss the run of DEEP THROAT at the World Theater in Times Square.

The cast of THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL in a scene where they are filming DEEP THROAT at a Miami, Florida location.

Actor Bart Tancredi plays the judge in a scene with Marc Ginsburg as Harry Reems from THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL.

Actors Veronica Hart as Shana Babcock with Natasha Charles Parker as Linda Lovelace, who is breaking up with her abusive husband Chuck Traynor on the phone.

Marc Ginsburg as Harry Reems revels in his popularity as DEEP THROAT becomes a sensation.

Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems on screen behind the actors portraying them in THE DEEP THROAT SEX SCANDAL – left- Natasha Charles Parker as Lovelace with on right- Marc Ginsburg as Harry Reems.

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