High Res Photos

Photo Flash: New Production Shots from STEEL PIER at London's Union Theatre High Res Photos

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith) and Mick Hamilton (Ian Knauer)

The Cast of STEEL PIER

Shelby Stevens (Aimie Atkinson) and Luke Adams (Ben Beard)

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith)

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith), Billy Kelly (Jay Rincon), (Couple 29) Sheila Grant, Bette Becker (Clare Loiuse Connolly)

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith), Billy Kelly (Jay Rincon)

Shelby Stevens (Aimie Atkinson)

Precious McGuire (Lisa-Anne Wood), Happy McGuire (Rob Lines)

Johnny Adel (Brett Shiels) Buddy Becker (Samuel Parker), Luke Adams (Ben Beard), Couple 34 (Simon Mayhew)

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith), Billy Kelly (Jay Rincon)

Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith), Mick Hamilton (Ian Knauer), Couple 29 (Connor Macnamara), Mick's Pick No1 (Louisa Roberts), Luke Adams (Ben Beard), Couple 29 (Sheila Grant)

Mick Hamilton (Ian Knauer),Rita Racine (Sarah Galbraith), Mick's Pock No3 (Eithne Bryan), Mick's Pick No1 (Louisa Roberts), Mick's Pick No2 (Natalie Douglas)

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