Photo Coverage: Gold Coast International Film Festival Celebrates WEST SIDE STORY High Res Photos

The Gold Coast International Film Festival held a reception and screening of the original West Side Story last night at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway.

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Russ Tamblyn

Len Aubrey

Heather Lowe & russ Tamblyn

Regina Gil

Regina Gil

Heather Lowe & Russ Tamblyn

Heather Lowe & Russ Tamblyn

Aviva Miller, Terri Muran, Regina Gil, Cathy Soref, Russ Tamblyn, Len Aubrey

Regina Gil, Russ Tamblyn Aviva Miller

Russ Tamblyn & Aviva Miller

Caroline Sorokoff & Russ Tamblyn

Eda Sorokoff, Regina Gil, Stacy Sullivan

NYIT OFficials

Aviva Miller

NYIT & Terrin Muran, Russ Tamblyn

Doug Soref, Cathy Soref, Russ Tamblyn

Regina Gil & Nancy Silberkleit

Rigeina Gil, guest, Terri Muran

Regina Gil, Steve Bakunas, Caroline Sorokoff

Caroline Sorokoff, Jim Caruso, guest

"The Jets"

Eda Sorokoff & Stacy Sullivan

Will Friedwald

Jennifer Lane, Caroline Sorokoff, Alexis Halpern

Dad & Caroline Sorokoff

Regina Gil & Jim Caruso

Dan Fortune & Caroline Sorokoff

Andrew Prine, Doug Soref, Guest

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