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Photo Flash: Saturday Intermission Pics, August 18 - Double-Sized Special Jimmy Fallon Edition! High Res Photos

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT's Cameron Adams and Company �@CameronMAdams ‪@NiceWorkBway‬ loves that ‪@jimmyfallon‬ supports our ‪#SIP‬ action. ‪@MaxizPad‬ ‪@KeenanBlogger‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/IWur55mu‬

NEWSIES' Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay �@KeenanBlogger Awkward ‪@Newsies‬ Prom with ‪@JeremyMJordan‬ ‪@KaraLindsay1‬ ‪#SIP‬ ‪@JimmyFallon‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/eZU01L3d‬

EVITA's Max von Essen �and Company @MaxizPad No seriously ‪@jimmyfallon‬ we just eat donuts. ‪#SIP‬ ‪@ricky_martin‬ ‪@cerveris‬ ‪@therachelpotter‬ ‪@jesspatty‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/pbGcZWSe‬

EVITA's Max von Essen and Company �@MaxizPad Evidently ‪@evitabroadway‬ does not run on Dunkin. ‪@jimmyfallon‬ ‪#SIP‬ ‪http://instagr.am/p/OfcyIuvCI8/‬

EVITA's Max von Essen and Company �@MaxizPad Oh crap ‪@jimmyfallon‬ I think we OD'd on these things. ‪@ricky_martin‬ ‪@cerveris‬ ‪@evitabroadway‬ ‪#SIP‬ ‪http://instagr.am/p/OfbIvKvCHe/‬

NEWSIES' Tommy Bracco �and Company @TommyBracco ‪#Newsies‬ as Ricky Martin ‪http://instagr.am/p/Oft139GCXV/‬

NEWSIES' Mark Aldrich �and Company @MarktheGinger Nick misbehaved so we locked him in the shower. #oldsiesjustice #SIP @jimmyfallon http://pic.twitter.com/zg6ZoaOL

THE BOOK OF MORMON's Asmeret Ghebremichael and Michael James Scott �@asmeretyemane A ‪#SIP‬ tribute to our friends at Ghost! ‪@jimmyfallon‬ ‪@KeenanBlogger‬ ‪@FashionistaMJS‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/Yhzdlk5J‬

THE BOOK OF MORMON's Clark Johnsen �and Company @clarkjohnsen #SIP @nikkimjames @schrader99 Yoda needs a lot of attention on 2 show days. http://pic.twitter.com/XNcECNWj

NEWSIES' Andy Richardson �@AMRichardson3 Da da da dum *snap snap* In honor of the Addams Family video #SIP @JimmyFallon http://pic.twitter.com/SdCdhzh1

NEWSIES' Andy Richardson �@AMRichardson3 Exorcist the musical, anyone? ‪#SIP‬ ‪@JimmyFallon‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/HlR0Jv2S‬

NEWSIES' Michael Fatica �and Company @michaelfatica Delancey #SIP ...me looking lovingly at flower from Catie Boland, and @JackJackScott doing...cat makeup? #swinglove http://pic.twitter.com/caHxszWa

NEWSIES' Andrew Hollenbeck and Company �@DrewHollenbeck .@Newsies #lotto #sip @keenanblogger http://pic.twitter.com/a9s7KOl5

NEWSIES' Capathia Jenkins �@Capathianyc Which one should I have for a Saturday night treat? #SIP http://pic.twitter.com/GJ9QMebI

INTO THE WOODS Josh Lamon �and Company (Central Park) @JoshLamon Sometimes Chip, Sarah and I nap at intermission. Shhh. Baby's sleeping. ‪#SIP‬ ‪#IntoTheWoods‬ ‪@MaxizPad‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/Hth5vUVp‬

THE LION KING's Adam Jacobs and Company� @AdamJacobsNYC This one's for you Ricky! ‪@JimmyFallon‬ ‪#sip‬ ‪@broadwayworld‬ ‪@MaxizPad‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/EdxEJ6aq‬

THE LION KING's Adam Jacobs �@AdamJacobsNYC Repub. VP candidate Paul Lyon drops out of race. "Campaigning is HARD!" #keepgettingbooed #SIP @jimmyfallon @MaxizPad http://pic.twitter.com/EEX08W0k

NEWSIES' Aaron J. Albano and Company �@aaronjalbano Deadsies! ‪#SIP‬ ‪#NewsiesloveAddams‬ ‪#snapsnap‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/frgEeWZF‬

MARY POPPINS' Nicolas Dromard �@nicolasdromard ‪@KeenanBlogger‬ ‪@jimmyfallon‬ ‪#SIP‬ No photos please. LA status for the cast of ‪@MaryPoppins‬. California living. ‪pic.twitter.com/T2ZM315X (CTG's Ahmanson in LA)‬

MARY POPPINS' Jeremy Hays and Company (CTG's Ahmanson Theatre in LA) �@jlandonhays Our little Cosette and Gavroche are now Jane and Michael Banks. So proud! #SIP http://instagr.am/p/OfjhYPNLFL/

MARY POPPINS' Josh Assor �and Company @joshassor Poppins next top model #SIP http://instagr.am/p/Ofb2pYQkj6/

The Cast of BRING IT ON @bringiton dear ‪@keenanblogger‬, thank you for the SIPs. hey, maybe our notes will get to ‪@jimmyfallon‬! ‪http://instagr.am/p/OfgFb4tW-i/‬

BRING IT ON's Gregory Haney �@ghaney22 Oops I signed the wrong name #SIP @Bringiton @ghostbroadway http://instagr.am/p/Ofan_HEDVL/

JERSEY BOYS' Candi Boyd-Kaitila �and Company @Candikaitila It's shark week! Jersey Boys Broadway cast ‪#sip‬ ‪@candikaitila‬, Sara Schmidt, Cara Cooper, Andy Karl, Matt Bo ‪http://instagr.am/p/Oey4QaMZEY/‬

PORGY AND BESS' Wilkie Ferguson �@nikkireneesings @wilkieferguson on as Robbins tonight @PorgyBessOnBway! #SIP http://pic.twitter.com/VztNohRH

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR's Sarah Jenkins and Company (TPAC) �@SarahMJenkins ‪@NuttyMusical‬ Purple Pit camouflage costumes. ‪#SIP‬ ‪#JimmyFallon‬ ‪@broadwayworld‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/dmSvUlMa‬

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR's Sarah Jenkins (TPAC) �@SarahMJenkins My GoGoJuice! #honeybooboo #SIP @nuttymusical http://instagr.am/p/OfhQF0GXbr/

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR's Sarah Jenkins and Company (TPAC) �@SarahMJenkins Ready for the bar tomorrow. Last @NuttyMusical #SIP ....... for now! @jimmyfallon @KeenanBlogger @broadwayworld http://pic.twitter.com/Manrd2S2

SPIDER-MAN's Brandon Rubendall and Company �@brubendall Back from the @SpideyOnBway war. #SIP @KeenanBlogger @MaxizPad @jimmyfallon http://pic.twitter.com/CVMReRqZ

SPIDER-MAN's Brandon Rubendall �and Company @brubendall Swiss Miss slices her way into #SIP with @IsabelXKeating. How's that for a headline?? @broadwayworld @jimmyfallon http://pic.twitter.com/X2cdNUuf

The Cast of MAMMA MIA! National Tour @ethanlephong @MRMcKee09 @TheDJF @elenatacoflores and team @MammaMiaMusical in their best #lululemon for the last Canadian show #SIP http://pic.twitter.com/drSepnZz

MAMMA MIA!'s Elena Marisa Flores �and Company (National Tour) @elenatacoflores A 5 city split will KILL ya. #SIP #mammamiatour http://instagr.am/p/OfGzsGMR2J/

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY's Jenny Lee Stern �@jennyleestern When you've resorted to the wig sauce, it's been a long day @ForbiddenBwayNY #SIP http://instagr.am/p/OfZ5ieRI28/

DAMN YANKEES' Jen Cody, Carson Kressley and Company �@Jen__Cody Damn Yankees ‪#SIP‬ Our Devil,‪@CarsonKressley‬ & team from @OgunquitPlayhouse ‪@KeenanBlogger‬ ‪@broadwayworld‬ ‪@jimmyFallon‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/5NHwDWOj‬


ALL SHOOK UP's Joyce DeWitt and Company (North Shore Music Theatre) �@ryanoverberg Joyce DeWitt and the Jailbirds. "Jailhouse Tango" ‪@KeenanBlogger‬ ‪@bonesmoe‬ ‪#SIP‬ ‪#NSMT‬ ‪pic.twitter.com/PEjb4hLD‬

DOGFIGHT's Dillon Kondor (Second Stage Theatre) �@dillonkondor @jimmyfallon heres my #sip from dogfight at 2ST http://pic.twitter.com/tmnxpwLN

DOGFIGHT's Dillon Kondor �and Company (Second Stage Theatre) @dillonkondor @jimmyfallon heres another #sip from dogfight at @2STNYC http://pic.twitter.com/LRXPl2c8

MY FAIR LADY's Jon Paul Roby (Reagle Music Theatre) �@jonpaulroby ‪#sip‬ of dancer boys from Reagle Music Theatre's "My Fair Lady" ‪@maxizpad‬ ‪@keenanblogger‬ ‪http://instagr.am/p/Oe9qCAuYZh/‬


WIZARD OF OZ's Brittany Law �and Company (Spreckels Performing Arts Center) @guitargrl56 Take that, @Newsies! #WizardofOz #SIP @KeenanBlogger http://pic.twitter.com/WQMbnRWD

WIZARD OF OZ's Brittany Law and Company (Spreckles Performing Art Center) �@guitargrl56 Couples of Oz #SIP #jimmyfallon #thewizardofoz http://instagr.am/p/OfwOhKSrGi/

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF's Joshua Lattimore and Company (Tour) �@JoshuaLattimore Functional & stylish, our gloves are perfect for the fiddler-on-the-go #SIP @FiddlerOnTour @KeenanBlogger @jimmyfallon http://pic.twitter.com/F3kTdQrf

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF's Gregory Dassonville and Company (Tour) �@dassaburg #SIP #INTERMISSIONBALANCING http://pic.twitter.com/6o4pqcjI


KISS ME, KATE's Rebecca Sloane and Company (The Kweskin Theatre) �@BeccaaSloane #SIP at this afternoon's performance of Kiss Me, Kate @KeenanBlogger http://lockerz.com/s/235970835

KISS ME, KATE's Hale McSharry �(The Kweskin Theatre) @h2mc Closing. #KissMeKate #SIP http://instagr.am/p/OfauyYqNMr/

KISS ME, KATE's Hale McSharry and Company (The Kweskin Theatre) �@h2mc Closing day clean-up. #KissMeKate #SIP @danieljward4 @curiousbgeorge cc: @KeenanBlogger @MaxizPad http://instagr.am/p/Oe0rcCqNMA/

OC Gay Mens Chorus' SOUND OF MUSIC Tribute �@MenAliveChorus Found an #SIP from our Sound of Music tribute #VonTrapped - it's ZOMBIE GRETL ! @MaxizPad @KeenanBlogger http://twitpic.com/al1xm2

THE LITTLE MERMAID's Hannah Smith �(Regional) @Hannah_lauren_ The picture says it all. @KeenanBlogger @jimmyfallon #SIP #thelittlemermaid #communitytheatre http://pic.twitter.com/n7Fa7bkR

SWEENEY TODD's Molly Aster and Company (Regional) :) �@Jordan_Milam #SIP Sweeney Todd fun time. <3 @KeenanBlogger @MaxizPad @JimmyFallon http://pic.twitter.com/seTRpHmo

LEGALLY BLONDE's Daniel Switzer and Company (Los Angeles) �@DANYOswitzer ERMAH GERD YOU GUYS! @keenanblogger @maxizpad #SIP http://instagr.am/p/Oe_fJzGBWl/

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT's Corey Payette and Company (Chemainus Theatre in Canada) �@coreyptweets #SIP #Joseph @ChemainusThtr - trying to stop sweating - bonus points for incl stage manager? http://pic.twitter.com/26gH64RO

RWS Associates' Kennywood Cast's Shayne Patrick and Company �@bambishea Loungin in our backwards wigs! #SIP #TypicalDay #Kennywoodcast @RWS_Associates @whitekasstle http://pic.twitter.com/vzBGtuR5

BABES GOES TO THE MOVIES' Kyle Somers and Company (UMC Summerstock in Houston) �@KyleTAFIM #SIP @KeenanBlogger @broadwayworld Babes Goes to the Movies St. Lukes UMC Summerstock Houston, TX http://pic.twitter.com/QTXZtFbV

42ND STREET's Jonalyn Saxer (Maine State Music Theatre) �@tinydancer201 In the money, but not in the wigs.... #sip #42ndstreet @keenanblogger http://twitpic.com/al49jg


ANNIE's Kathleen Whitby and Company (Washington Country Playhouse) �@HeyThereKathl Goodbye kisses for #Annie from Grace and Mrs. Greer! Closing night #SIP #WCP @ShannenOnStage @MaxizPad @KeenanBlogger http://pic.twitter.com/LfYBlcUT

DREAM BABIES' Kaleigh Kay Wright and Company (Off-Broadway) �@kaleighkayy Sweet dreams from Dream Babies off-broadway! #SIP @MaxizPad http://pic.twitter.com/N82vsKaE

25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE's Stephanie Gilmore �and Company (Joplin Little Theatre) @MezzoGilmore Barfee & "C", his puppet version of the director of Joplin Little Theatre's Spelling Bee @HunterDowell #SIP http://pic.twitter.com/qwhaU9B0

PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE's Stephanie Gilmore and Company (Joplin Little Theatre) �@MezzoGilmore JLT's Spelling Bee trying to be cool like the @Newsies #SIP http://pic.twitter.com/XMCst536

SPAMALOT's Meg Brophy (Barn Theatre in Michigan) �@megbrophy The Lady of the Lake is tired. Long two show day. #Spamalot #barnieproblems #SIP @amyharpenau http://instagr.am/p/Ofd3rxjEm2/

SPAMALOT's Lance Fletke and Company (Barn Theatre in Michigan) �@LanceFletke Sir Bedevere and Sir Galahad, mother and son #barntheatre #spamalot #sip @jimmyfallon http://instagr.am/p/OfgxHZMdGH/

PIRATES OF PENZANCE's Travis Seetoo �(Stratford Shakespeare Festival) @travisseetoo Abbey Winter - Culliford studying for her first drivers test! #SIP at Stratford Festivals Pirates of Penzance. http://pic.twitter.com/kIVaAeAv

Cast of INTO THE WOODS JR. (Brazos Valley TROUPE) �@jbmoats Brazos Valley TROUPE #SIP @KeenanBlogger http://pic.twitter.com/VAtzeE5I


HELLO, DOLLY!'s Allison Newsom and Company (San Pedro Playhouse) �@allisonnewsom @SanPedroPlay "Hello, Dolly!" seizes the day! @AMRichardson3 @Newsies #SIP love to Andy (Romeo) from home! http://pic.twitter.com/kQCARfZj

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