High Res Photos

Photo Flash: Ricky Martin, Elena Roger, Michael Cerveris and the Cast of EVITA in the Recording Studio! High Res Photos

Ricky Martin

Elena Roger

Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris and Michael Grandage

Michael Cerveris

Ricky Martin, Elena Roger and Michael Cerveris

Michael Grandage and Nigel Wright

EVITA Orchestra

Ricky Martin, Elena Roger and Michael Cerveris

Michael Cerveris, Elena Roger, Michael Grandage and Ricky Martin

George lee Andrews and Elena Roger

The Women

The Men

Wendi Bergamini, Emily Mechler, Rebecca Eichenberry, Laurel Harris and Melanie Field

Timothy Shew, Matt Wall, Brad Little and George Lee Andrews

Sydney Morton, Rachel Potter, Erica Mansfield, Kristie Dale Sanders and Margot De La Barre

Nick Kenkel, Erica Mansfield, Rob Ashford, Ashley Amber and Bahiyah Hibah

Nick Kenkel, Eric L. Christian, Bradley Dean, Alex Michael Stohl, Johnny Stellard, Michael Jon Slinger and Colin Cunliffe

Jessica Lea Patty, Jennie Ford, Kristin Covillo, Bahiyah Hibah and Ashley Amber

Jennie Ford and Kristie Dale Sanders

Constantine Germanacos, Daniel Torres and Bradley Dean

Alek Spevek, Johnny Stellard and Colin Cunliffe

Company of EVITA

Company of EVITA

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