Photo Flash: THE WEDDING SINGER Plays the Carpenter Performing Arts Center High Res Photos

Musical Theatre West presents the professional regional premiere of THE WEDDING SINGER at the beautiful 1,070-seat Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. THE WEDDING SINGER runs through July 24, 2011.

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High Res John Massey, Chris Gilbert, Jeffrey Landman

John Massey, Chris Gilbert, Jeffrey Landman

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Chester Lockhart, Nick Lorenzini, Nick DeGruccio (photos), Shauna Markey, Steven Glaudini (photos)

Neil Starkenberg, David Engel

Larry Raben, Neil Starkenberg, Renée Brna, Ciarán McCarthy

Jenna Coker-Jones, Steven Glaudini (photos), Shauna Markey

Larry Raben, Jasmine Ejan

Kelli Provart

Chris Gilbert, Jeffrey Landman

Shauna Markey, T.J. Dawson

Steven Glaudini (photos), Nick DeGruccio (photos)

Ashley Allen

Derek Keeling, Renée Brna

Ashley Allen

Daniel Dawson

Ashley Allen

Lee Melville, Mary Jo Catlett

Jenna Coker-Jones, Ciarán McCarthy

Spencer Liff, Steven Glaudini (photos)

Mark C. Reis, Timothty Wilson

Shauna Markey, David Engel

Spencer Liff, Kelli Provart, Steven Glaudini (photos), Neil Starkenberg

Matthew J. Vargo, Larry Raben

Chris Gilbert

Tracy Lore, Steven Glaudini (photos), Nick DeGruccio (photos)

Ciarán McCarthy, Neil Starkenberg

Kelli Provart, Derek Keeling

Jasmine Ejan and her husband

Lamoureux Family

Larry Raben, Jenna Coker-Jones, David Engel

Kelli Provart, Nick DeGruccio (photos)

Steven Glaudini (photos), Derek Keeling

Neil Starkenberg, Daniel Dawson

Steven Glaudini (photos), Nick DeGruccio (photos)

Steven Glaudini (photos), Nick DeGruccio (photos), John Massey

John Massey, Steven Glaudini (photos)

Steven Glaudini (photos), Renée Brna, Larry Raben

Andy Umberger, Mary Jo Catlett, Teri Bibb

Ben Sidell, Steven Glaudini (photos), Chester Lockhart

John Massey, Chris Gilbert, Jeffrey Landman

Renée Brna, Ciarán McCarthy

Matthew J.Vargo, Ciarán McCarthy, Nick Bernardi

Kelli Provart, Jennifer Aedo

John Bisom, Steven Glaudini (photos), Steve Vinovich

Teri Bibb, Lee Melville, Andy Umberger, Nick DeGruccio (photos)

Matthew J. Vargo, Nick Lorenzini

Derek Keeling, Michael J. Willett

Jennifer Aedo

Shauna Markey, Jeffrey Landman

Derek Keeling, Lewis Wilkenfeld

Nick Lorenzini, Chris Caldwell Eckert

Steven Glaudini (photos), T.J. Dawson, Jeanette Dawson

The stage door after the performance.

Darcie Roberts Magino, Troy Magino

John Massey, Daniel Dawson, T.J

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