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2/13 @ 9:49 AM
OfficiallyEuanM - We are back! Live on stage tonight, and I'm very grateful for it. Only five shows left. Come see us.
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2/11 @ 7:54 PM
OfficiallyEuanM - Bugger. We are canceling ANOTHER show. Tuesday night is not going to happen. I'm very sad about all this. I love...
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2/11 @ 2:22 PM
OfficiallyEuanM - How I've been spending my snowed in weekend... Don't even know if we are returning to work tomorrow.
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2/9 @ 5:32 PM
OfficiallyEuanM - Is it just me or does anyone else really dislike the new WTA tennis website? It sucks.
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2/9 @ 4:04 PM
OfficiallyEuanM - Venturing out, can't feel my toes.
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2/9 @ 10:14 AM
OfficiallyEuanM - The following morning... At least the fire truck got free. 35 inches of snow last night has caused us to cancel...
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2/9 @ 10:11 AM
OfficiallyEuanM - 35 inches of snow in New Haven last night and we have cancelled our weekend of performances. Yuck.
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2/8 @ 11:08 PM
OfficiallyEuanM - Fire truck and others stuck in the worsening blizzard. That's the view from my window here in New Haven. I hope...
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