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1975 Tony Award Winners - Browse by Year

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Actor (Musical) John Cullum Shenandoah
Actor (Musical) Joel Grey Goodtime Charley
Actor (Musical) Raul Julia Where's Charley?
Actor (Musical) Eddie Mekka The Lieutenant
Actor (Musical) Robert Preston Mack and Mabel
Actor (Play) John Kani and Winston Ntshona Sizwe Banzi is Dead and The Island
Actor (Play) James Dale Scapino
Actor (Play) Peter Firth Equus
Actor (Play) Henry Fonda Clarence Darrow
Actor (Play) Ben Gazzara Hughie and Duet
Actor (Play) John Wood Sherlock Holmes
Actress (Musical) Angela Lansbury Gypsy
Actress (Musical) Lola Falana Doctor Jazz
Actress (Musical) Bernadette Peters Mack and Mabel
Actress (Musical) Ann Reinking Goodtime Charley
Actress (Play) Ellen Burstyn Same Time, Next Year
Actress (Play) Elizabeth Ashley Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Actress (Play) Diana Rigg The Misanthrope
Actress (Play) Maggie Smith Private Lives
Actress (Play) Liv Ullmann A Doll's House
Book (Musical) James Lee Barrett, Peter Udell, and Philip Rose Shenandoah
Book (Musical) Michael Stewart Mack and Mabel
Book (Musical) Gene Curty, Nitra Scharfman, and Chuck Strand The Lieutenant
Book (Musical) William F. Brown The Wiz
Choreographer George Faison The Wiz
Choreographer Gower Champion Mack and Mabel
Choreographer Donald McKayle Doctor Jazz
Choreographer Margo Sappington Where's Charley?
Choreographer Robert Tucker Shenandoah
Choreographer Joel Zwick Dance With Me
Costume Designer Geoffrey Holder The Wiz
Costume Designer Arthur Boccia Where's Charley?
Costume Designer Raoul Penè Du Bois Doctor Jazz
Costume Designer Willa Kim Goodtime Charley
Costume Designer Tanya Moiseiwitsch The Misanthrope
Costume Designer Patricia Zipprodt Mack and Mabel
Director (Musical) Geoffrey Holder The Wiz
Director (Musical) Gower Champion Mack and Mabel
Director (Musical) Grover Dale The Magic Show
Director (Musical) Arthur Laurents Gypsy
Director (Play) John Dexter Equus
Director (Play) Arvin Brown The National Health
Director (Play) Frank Dunlop Scapino
Director (Play) Ronald Eyre London Assurance
Director (Play) Athol Fugard Sizwe Banzi is Dead and The Island
Director (Play) Gene Saks Same Time, Next Year
Featured Actor (Musical) Ted Ross The Wiz
Featured Actor (Musical) Tom Aldredge Where's Charley?
Featured Actor (Musical) John Bottoms Dance With Me
Featured Actor (Musical) Douglas Henning The Magic Show
Featured Actor (Musical) Gilbert Price The Night that Made America Famous
Featured Actor (Musical) Richard B. Shull Goodtime Charley
Featured Actor (Play) Frank Langella Seascape
Featured Actor (Play) Larry Blyden Absurd Person Singular
Featured Actor (Play) Leonard Frey The National Health
Featured Actor (Play) Philip Locke Sherlock Holmes
Featured Actor (Play) George Rose My Fat Friend
Featured Actor (Play) Dick Anthony Williams Black Picture Show
Featured Actress (Musical) Dee Dee Bridgewater The Wiz
Featured Actress (Musical) Susan Browning Goodtime Charley
Featured Actress (Musical) Zan Charisse Gypsy
Featured Actress (Musical) Taina Elg Where's Charley?
Featured Actress (Musical) Kelly Garrett The Night that Made America Famous
Featured Actress (Musical) Donna Theodore Shenandoah
Featured Actress (Play) Rita Moreno The Ritz
Featured Actress (Play) Linda Miller Black Picture Show
Featured Actress (Play) Geraldine Page Absurd Person Singular
Featured Actress (Play) Carole Shelley Absurd Person Singular
Featured Actress (Play) Elizabeth Spriggs London Assurance
Featured Actress (Play) Frances Sternhagen Equus
Lighting Designer Neil Peter Jampolis Sherlock Holmes
Lighting Designer Chip Monk The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Lighting Designer Abe Feder Goodtime Charley
Lighting Designer Andy Phillips Equus
Lighting Designer Thomas Skelton All God's Chillun
Lighting Designer James Tilton Seascape
Musical The Wiz

Produced by Ken Harper

Musical Mack and Mabel

Produced by David Merrick

Musical The Lieutenant

roduced by Joseph Kutrzeba and Spofford Beadle

Musical Shenandoah

Produced by Philip Rose, and Gloria and Louis K. Sher

Play Equus

By Peter Shaffer. Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden and Doris Cole Abrahams.

Play Same Time, Next Year

By Bernard Slade. Produced by Morton Gottlieb.

Play Seascape

By Edward Albee. Produced by Richard Barr, Charles Woodward, and Clinton Wilder.

Play Short Eyes

By Miguel Pinero. Produced by Joseph Papp, New York Shakespeare Festival.

Play Sizwe Banzi is Dead and The Island

By Athol Fugard, John Kani, and Winston Ntshona. Produced by Hillard Elkins, Lester Osterman Productions, Bernard Delfont, and Michael White.

Play The National Health

By Peter Nichols. Produced by Circle in the Square, Ltd.

Scenic Designer Carl Toms Sherlock Holmes
Scenic Designer Scott Johnson Dance With Me
Scenic Designer Tanya Moiseiwitsch The Misanthrope
Scenic Designer William Ritman God's Favorite
Scenic Designer Rouben Ter-Arutunian Goodtime Charley
Scenic Designer Robert Wagner Mack and Mabel
Score Music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls The Wiz
Score Music and lyrics by Alan Lloyd Letter for Queen Victoria
Score Music by Gary Geld, lyrics by Peter Udell Shenandoah
Score Music and lyrics by Gene Curty, Nitra Scharfman, and Chuck Strand The Lieutenant
Special Tony Awards Al Hirschfeld

For 50 years of theatrical cartoons (Theatre Award '75)